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Western Region - Central Oregon Series
Serving: Mt. Bachelor


Westren Region - Central Oregon Series

A volunteer is someone who donates their time, talent and/or treasures to a cause or organization without being paid…but we feel the good that comes out of volunteering is more than enough payment, plus there are other perks like swag and things. There’s something about helping young athletes overcome fears, gain confidence, celebrate victories, work through losses, learn sportsmanship, deal with injuries…it helps them build character on and off the mountain for years to come…and it’s a privilege to be able to be a part of this! We may have a beautiful sunny day, it may be raining (very rarely), it may be dumping snow and a perfect pow day and yet, we’re helping out at the competition. These are some of the sacrifices we end up making…but it’s beyond worth it! If you’re still interested, we have all sorts of jobs you can assist with…some that may take only a few minutes, and others that may last for hours if you’re working the competition with us.

Some things to do if interested:

  1. Please contact Adam Brown at with a brief explanation about your consideration as well as possible opportunities.
  2. If your help is needed, we ask that you be sure to complete a Mt. Bachelor Waiver (include new link) for every event, as well as a USASA Waiver at the e event (unless you’re already a competitor member, parent member, judge or coach member, or a fellow USASA Series Director or Technical Supervisor (TS).
  3. Expect it may sometimes be difficult, but usually fun…and we become family as we’re giving our time to these kids!