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Western Region
Serving: Mt. Bachelor


Westren Region - Central Oregon Series

Central Oregon USASA (COUSASA) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that’s been around since 1996, and is 1 of 32 series across the nation. We are part of the United States of America Snowboard & Freeski Association (USASA). This is the largest snowboard and freeski organization in the world with over 6,000 members and 500 events at over 100 different resorts! Our local series’ mission is to provide fun, fair, progressive events for snowboarders and freeskiers of all ages and abilities including adaptive. We will offer up to 17 events throughout winter for all types of athletes…from those wanting to tryout out competing for the first time to those who are advanced and trying to qualify for Nationals and other tours. Our local contests will mostly be held at Mt Bachelor in the main events arena near the main lodge off the Pine Marten Lift, as well as in Bend, Oregon, and consist of: Slopestyle, Halfpipe, Rail Jams, Snowboard Slalom/Giant Slalom, Boardercross/Skiercross.


Central Oregon USASA is all about building into kids and riders, and helping make dreams come true. Our local athletes range from 5 to 60 years old, with the majority being under 20. Last season approximately 60 of our riders qualified for and competed at the USASA Nationals that is each year at Copper Mountain, CO; several getting on the podium, and some being awarded overall champion for their age division! The USASA is the “grassroots” foundation for snowboarders and freeskiers across the nation. In fact, 100% of the current US Olympic Snowboarders AND Freeskiers went through the USASA: Sage Kotsenburg, Louie Vito, Jamie Anderson, Kelly Clark, Chloe Kim, Maddie Bowman, David Wise…to name a few. Over 100 USASA Riders qualified for the 2018 US Revolution Tour and all the US Snowboard team came through USASA. Our own local talent have also made it to the top, competing in the X Games, Dew Tour, and Olympics (Ben & Gabe Ferguson, Kent Callister), as well as others making it onto the US Ski and Snowboard Teams like: Jake Mageau, Hunter Hess and Nathan Jacobson…and these “kids” are from our series here in Bend, Oregon!


It’s not just about competing, it’s about supporting and building into these young athletes and their development, skills, character, teamwork and sportsmanship; helping them to grow, gain confidence, overcome fears. These all fall in line with the USASA’s Core Values: Excellence, Respect and FUN!

None of this awesomeness could happen without the help of our amazing volunteers, incredible sponsors, shredtastic judges, MBSEF coaches and Mt. Bachelor…so THANK YOU!!!


We are all part of a movement that makes an impact on the youth of today, giving them opportunities to take steps toward their future, on and off the hill. Thank you for your support, donations, and for helping us believe in, inspire, empower and grow confidence in them; as this follows our athletes far beyond the mountains in which they ride…

Adam & Carey Brown

Series Directors

Central Oregon USASA

USASA Core Values: Excellence | Respect | Fun

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Central Oregon Series - Mt. Bachelor and Bend, OR

  • December 8, Saturday: Slalom/Giant Slalom #1 & #2 (4 Snowboard Comps)
  • January 5, Saturday: Boardercross/Skiercross #1
  • January 6, Sunday: Boardercross/Skiercross #2
  • January 13, Sunday: Rail Jam #1
  • January 26, Saturday: Slopestyle #1
  • February 9, Saturday: Slopestyle #2
  • February 10, Sunday: Rail Jam #2 & #3
  • February 15, Fri: Rail Jam (18+ age Open Session)
  • February 16, Sat: Winterfest Rail Jam #4 in Bend, OR (14 & over)
  • February 17, Sun: Winterfest Rail Jam #4 in Bend, OR (13 & under)
  • February 23, Saturday: Halfpipe #1
  • February 24, Sunday: Slopestyle #3
  • March 2, Saturday: Halfpipe #2 & #3
  • March 3, Sunday: Weather/Make-up Day

AFP = Bronze Level points for Assoc. of Freeski Professionals - World Tour
USCSA = United States Collegiate Snowboard/Freeski Assoc - USCSA Nationals Qualifier for the PNW

Criteria for Potential USASA Nationals Qualifications:
Slalom: Best 2 out of 2 comps
Giant Slalom: Best 2 out of 2 comps
Boardercross/Skiercross: Best 2 out of 2 comps
Slopestyle: Best 2 out of 3 comps
Rail Jam: Best 3 out of 4 comps
Halfpipe: Best 2 out of 3 comps

Mt. Bachelor Waiver


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